宇咲愛 Ai Usaki

レゴラス晃彦 Akihiko Legolas

Ai Usaki
After gaining experience as a nurse in surgery, emergency outpatient department, obstetrics and gynecology ward, internal medicine, etc., she has been in management positions such as nursing department manager and facility manager for more than 10 years. She is also active in long-term care prevention and independence support, and her advanced activities are featured in newspapers, television, and medical magazines. In 2012 she opened “Magic School ™”. She promotes “soul independence” by conveying the laws of the universe in order to hone the sensibilities of feeling happiness and abundance according to each lifestyle. We hold events and activities that bring out the hidden abilities of the participants.

Akihiko Legolas
He has been with a chemical manufacturer for 19 years, and after product development, is involved in sales, production control, quality assurance, etc. After that, he changed to the medical and long-term care industry, served as the secretary general and the human resources development department manager of a medical corporation, and experienced new graduate recruitment, human resources education, managerial education, etc.